The Maverick Grotto

The Maverick Grotto

Celebrating 20 years as a Texas caving organization in 2006!  The Maverick Grotto is the local caving club of Fort Worth and Tarrant County Texas. We are dedicated to promoting safe, fun, and environmentally conscious caving.  Our grotto is an internal organization of the National Speleological Society.

The Maverick Grotto is inactive effective November 2009!

Colorado Bend State Park, Texas

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This group of photos highlights features around the park as seen by visitors.

There is no public caving on the park.  To enter caves, one must be an attendee of the volunteer project or go on a fee based guided wild cave tour offered by TPWD.  For more information, visit the link below.

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Pictures taken by Butch Fralia using both film and digital cameras.  Photo credits for other photographers will be given for the individual photo.

All photos are © The Maverick Grotto and the respective photographer
All Rights reserved!

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Colorado Bend State Park - Gorman Spring Colorado Bend State Park - 1910 Bull Dozer Pump for Scholten Railroad Colorado Bend State Park - 1910 Bull Dozer Pump for Scholten Railroad

Gorman Spring begins in the pool to the left, keeping this short section of Gorman Creek flowing year round.   Dissolved limestone carried by the spring creates the travertine for Gorman Falls.

This antique pump was once used to take water from the spring and move it up several hundred feet in elevation to a tank on the hill above.

The pump was manufactured circa 1910 by Bulldozer.  History suggest it was installed to pump water for the Scholten Railroad that ran on the park 1912-1921.

Colorado Bend State Park - Water Tank for the Scholten Railroad Colorado Bend State Park - Water trough by tank Colorado Bend State Park - Keith Heuss by Scholten Railroad bed

This is the tank water was pumped to, supplying water for the Scholten Railroad Steam engines.

Owners may have added this stock watering trough after the Rail Road shut down.

Remnants of the Scholten Rail Road bed may be seen in the park.  Here Keith Heuss stands beside where it crossed Gorman Creek.

Colorado Bend State Park - Feral Pig Trap Colorado Bend State Park - Lichen on tree Colorado Bend State Park - Scholten Railroad Bed

Sharon Mastbrook and Keith Heuss looking at a feral pig trap sitting on the RR bed near the "Y".

Hunting for the rail road or caves, there's a lot of nature to see.

This road bed remnant is near tour parking lot number 2.  You'd miss it if you didn't know what to look for.

Colorado Bend State Park - Cactus Flower Colorado Bend State Park - Bumble Bee on Cactus Flower Colorado Bend State Park - Wild Flower

Cactus Flower in the spring.

The flower and the Bumble Bee.

No description needed, just enjoy.

Colorado Bend State Park - Prickley Pear Cactus Colorado Bend State Park - Blooming Barrel Cactus Colorado Bend State Park - Red Bird

Spring Cactus ready to bloom.

Blooming barrel cactus.

Red Bird

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